Tibet trekking refuge, floor plans   Tibetan village
In the face of international development pressure in the Mt.Everest region, the national park service of China has proposed a model for tourism that is environmentally sustainable and beneficial to local Tibetan communities. The plan is to develop a system of huts, or small hotels, along the rigorous hiking route that connects the Lhasa-Kathmandu highway with the Mt.Everest base camp.Working with park authorities, the environmental group Future Generations, and  
the 10th Mountain Hut Association of Colorado, we participated in a team with Harry Teague Architects to identify a series of potential sites for huts. A prototypical hut design was developed with the help of local builders; it features traditional construction using sun-dried bricks. The hut accomodates 16 hikers, in a courtyard scheme influenced by Tibetan architectural styles.